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Wedding Hosiery Advice: The Best Stockings & Pantyhose for Brides

June 04, 2020 3 min read

Bridal Hosiery Advice

There is so much to organise for a wedding that finding the perfect hosiery is likely low down on your to-do list. After all, it’s often not even a visible part of your outfit. However, call us biased, but we do think it’s still important!

For one thing, hosiery helps to reduce the chance of blisters, something you very much want to avoid on a day when you’ll be on your feet a lot and no doubt wearing brand new shoes. If you’ve chosen a shorter-length dress, it will also make your legs look gorgeously glossy and flawless. But even when none of the guests can see it, hosiery is like the rest of your bridal lingerie – just knowing that it’s there and that it’s beautiful can make you feel that much more glamorous.

So what bridal hosiery should you choose? Here are some things to think about, as well as practical tips to ensure you don’t have to spend one second of your special day worrying about your legwear:

The best wedding hosiery colours

Naturally, white and ivory are popular hosiery colours among brides, but this could also be your something blue! Skin-tone hosiery is another favourite – if you go low denier enough, it will subtly enhance your legs while barely being noticeable from even a short distance.

Unconventional brides may be considering something bolder to match their colour scheme, and really, it’s your wedding so anything goes. But do be sure check that it’s not so dark it shows through your dress under bright lighting – such as a camera flash!

The best wedding hosiery styles

Some brides prefer pantyhose, others favour stockings or hold-ups – there’s no right or wrong answer between them. Stockings are typically considered to be the more glamorous option, and if you pair them with a sturdy garter belt you’ll have no reason to worry about them slipping down. Under a sleek, bias-cut silk gown however, the bumps of suspender clips will likely show through. If you need a smooth option but really love the stockings look, how about strip pantyhose which mimic the appearance but are a single piece?

Be sure to also bear in mind whether your dress is tightly-corseted, and hence how accessible a pantyhose waistband would be. It may be that opting for a crotchless style, with your underwear on top, makes going to the bathroom easier! The same goes for wearing panties over, not under, a garter belt.

Wedding Stockings & Garter Belt

A few more tips

Buy a backup – while some brands are more durable than others, all hosiery is susceptible to snagging to some degree. Don’t let a ladder ruin your look! Ask a bridesmaid or friend to keep a spare pair of hosiery in their bag, just in case.

Have a trial run – wear your bridal hosiery before the big day, at least for a few hours, to assess the fit and comfort. If the waistband is digging in or slipping down, you’ll have time to buy a different size.

Be prepared for static – if your dress is satin or otherwise diaphanous and floaty, static cling can be a problem. Pack some dryer sheets or a small bottle of diluted fabric softener, which you can rub/spray onto your hosiery to reduce this.

Our favourite wedding hosiery options

Above all, our main bridal hosiery advice is to treat yourself! Go for glamour and luxury, whether that means fully-fashioned stockings or a beautifully-deep lace welt. If there were ever an occasion to truly indulge in something premium, this is it!

Here are our top Tightly Knit styles for brides-to-be:

Glamory Deluxe 20 Hold Ups

Kunert Mystique 20 Hold Ups

Trasparenze Belle Epoque Strip Pantyhose

Gio Cuban Heel Fully-Fashioned Stockings

Studio Collants Art.372 Hold Ups
Studio Collants Art.372 Hold Ups

Glamory Ouvert 20 Pantyhose

Gabriella Exclusive 8 Den Pantyhose
Gabriella Exclusive 8 Den Pantyhose

Kunert Satin Look 20 Hold Ups
Kunert Satin Look 20 Hold Ups

Glamory Perfect 20 Stockings

Studio Collants Art.294 Hold Ups

Have any wedding hosiery advice of your own to add? Please do share it in the comments section below.

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