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Hosiery Gift Guide for Christmas 2019

November 20, 2019 4 min read

Red Pantyhose with gift boxes

Did you know that the original Christmas stockings were actual stockings? Nowadays they may be made of felt or fabric, but real hosiery definitely still has a place in the gifting season – it’s the perfect stocking stuffer.

Yes, we’re a tad biased here. But it’s true! Hosiery is available at every price range, from budget buys to luxury indulgences. And there are so many styles to choose from that you can find an ideal gift for everyone, from your significant other to your friend or sister. You could even treat the men in your life to some thick tights or thermal leggings to stave off the winter chill.

How to choose the right style

If you are shopping for someone whose taste in hosiery you already know, we recommend not veering too far from those preferences. Consider their go-to colours, whether they like solids or prints, and whether they wear stockings, hold-ups or pantyhose.

It is however a nice idea to buy something a little fancier than they’d usually buy for themselves, to make the gift feel extra special. For example, if they usually wear plain black stockings, how about ones with a decorative top? If they like fishnet, what about fishnet with sparkle? And if they love seams, you simply can’t go wrong with fully-fashioned stockings!

If you’re unsure of your giftee’s hosiery preferences, it might be sensible to stick to ‘easy wear’ items. For example, pantyhose instead of stockings in case they don’t own a garter belt. If it’s a sexy gift you’re going for, you can still get the garter belt look with strip pantyhose.

Three woman in different elegant stylish pantyhose

How to choose the right size

Hosiery sizing works differently to other clothing. Some hosiery is sold by letter (S, M, L, etc.) and some by number. But don’t confuse a hosiery size 4 with a women’s dress size 4!

Most hosiery size charts are based on height and weight, so if you know those – or can find them out – then you’re in luck. All of our products have a link to the size chart next to the price. 100% nylon stockings are a little different since they have no stretch. For these, you’ll likely find it helpful to know your giftee’s shoe size.

If you don’t have access to this information, the good news is that most hosiery has a lot of stretch, so the fit can be quite flexible. If you’re in doubt between two sizes, it’s generally advisable to pick the larger one.

Gift ideas for the retro fan

Does your giftee have a thing for swing skirts, fitted cardis, and neatly-curled up-dos? Do they love shopping for vintage clothing, and always look perfectly put-together?

A backseam – the original sheer stocking look – is the perfect choice. Nothing says ‘vintage’ like fully-fashioned stockings, made exactly the way they were in the 1950s. But if your vintage lover is more into reproduction clothing with its retro look but modern fit and convenience, you can also get stretch seamed stockings and even seamed pantyhose.

Gio Stockings Fully Fashioned – Cuban Heel


Gabriella Lido Stockings


Studio Collants Art.311 Pantyhose


Gift ideas for the luxury aficionado

Does your giftee appreciate the finer things in life? Is their taste in lingerie more Agent Provocateur than Victoria’s Secret? You don’t need to spend a fortune (unless you want to!). Look for designs with a metallic shimmer, beautiful lace, or other elegant detailing. Fully-fashioned stockings work great here too – they’re considered the finest in hosiery luxury!

Kunert Velvet 80 Hold Ups


Studio Collants Art.391 Stockings


Gio Stockings Fully Fashioned – Point Heel


Gift ideas for the fashionista

Does your giftee love to make a statement? Do they always dress to stand out in a crowd, perhaps even sharing their outfits on Instagram? Then eschew anything plain, and pick one of those high-impact hosiery designs instead.

Trasparenze Buttercup Pantyhose


I See Your Legs Colourful Pantyhose


Trasparenze Rita Pantyhose


Gift ideas for the minimalist

Does your giftee avoid clothing that’s overly fussy, instead preferring to stick to the classics – simple colours and timeless silhouettes? Do they shun trends in favour of well-made basics they can wear for years to come? Then follow their lead and look for simpler but high-quality hosiery styles that will work with many outfits.

Trasparenze Melani Hold Ups>


I See Your Legs Opaque Pantyhose


Gabriella Puntina Pantyhose>


Complete the gift

While hosiery can make for a fabulous ‘little treat’, you can also make it a larger gift with a few accessories. If you’ve chosen something sheer, then hosiery gloves are a practical add-on that help to make your gift last longer by avoiding snags. A storage pouch is also a lovely touch, especially a pretty one. And with stockings, a coordinating garter belt will go down a treat.

Get in touch if you’d like help selecting the perfect gift!


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