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Autumn/Winter Hosiery Trends & Style Inspiration

October 24, 2019 3 min read

Female legs in brown suede boots under an umbrella

Hosiery fans rejoice – it’s finally stockings season! The colder months have arrived, and that means that hosiery is quickly moving from an optional accessory to a must-have item.

So what’s the best hosiery to wear this autumn and winter? Firstly, it helps to know which denier you should be buying. Denier is a number which indicates how ‘heavy’ the fiber is. Higher-denier hosiery is more opaque, and much warmer.

Generally speaking, up to 30 denier is best for summer, 30-50 denier is a great transitional range that works for autumn and spring, and anything over 50 should keep you nice and cosy through the winter. If you live somewhere especially cold though, you may want to seek out 100+ denier hosiery which will be akin to thermal wear.

As for which look to go for? Well, it’s hard to go wrong with classic black. It works with many outfits – but not, as some would have you believe, with everything. Black can look jarring against an otherwise light-toned outfit, so it’s good to have multiple options in your hosiery collection.

Black can also be, dare I say it, a little boring. Don’t get me wrong, it can look fabulous! But it doesn’t particularly stand out when you’re one of five people in the room wearing plain black pantyhose.

So to give you a range of outfit ideas, we’ve put together a list of our five favourite hosiery looks for autumn and winter.


Hosiery styling ideas for autumn and winter

Tone On Tone

Tone on tone

Monochromatic outfits (in colours other than black) are a huge trend right now. Dressing in the same colour head-to-toe instantly elevates your outfit, and it’s a look that’s super easy to put together. The key is to stick to one colour, including for your accessories, but to mix different shades – rust, caramel, and oatmeal beige, for example. A pair of coordinated pantyhose just adds to the chic effect.

Go For Contrast

Go for contrast

Many people think of hosiery as an accessory, but it can be the centrepiece of your outfit if you let it. Pair some vibrant, colourful pantyhose with an outfit that’s neutral or in a clashing colour, for a look that’s both head-turning and fun.

Portrait of a beautiful young woman with a handbag

Fishnet or lace for autumn

‘Net’ style pantyhose actually keep your legs surprisingly warm. Perhaps not in the depths of winter. But for a cool, autumnal day, they are definitely a viable alternative to wearing trousers.

Ribbed Or Cable Knit For Winter

Ribbed or cable-knit for winter

Or a Nordic pattern. Basically, if it works as a sweater, it will look fab on your legs in winter too! Just like the sweaters themselves, thick, textured hosiery has a wonderfully cosy vibe (and will keep you appropriately toasty).

And Of Course

And of course…

We’ll finish with a classic. Not ready to give up your favourite summer dresses, skirts and shorts just yet? That’s the great thing about hosiery – it adds some much-needed warmth to shorter hemlines, so you can eek out another couple of months’ wear from them. Just swap bare legs for pantyhose, bare arms for a cosy cardi, and sandals for boots. It’s the quintessential autumn look!


Our favourite autumn and winter legwear

Need some shopping inspiration? Here are our eight top picks from the Tightly Knit range for the colder weather, ranging from chic fishnet and fun colours, to one especially gorgeous ribbed-appearance style.


Trasparenze Sophie Pantyhose


Trasparenze Trasimede Hold Ups


Gabriella Rene Hold Ups


I See Your Legs Colourful Pantyhose


Trasparenze Cortina Strip Pantyhose


Kunert Velvet 80 Hold Ups


Gabriella Microfiber Plus Size Pantyhose


Trasparenze Rita Pantyhose


What’s your favourite hosiery look to wear when it’s chilly out? Share it in the comments below.


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