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About Trasparenze: Stylish, Italian-Made Hosiery

April 28, 2020 3 min read

Trasparenze Trasimede Hold Ups

When it comes to high-quality, Italian-made hosiery, it’s hard to beat the track record of Trasparenze. The brand is now in its third decade and more popular than ever, while its parent company, Calzificio Nuova Virgiliana, is one of the largest hosiery producers in all of Italy. Founded by the Bandioli family – and still an independent company – its manufacturing plant is capable of producing over 7 million pairs of hosiery every year!

The key thing that sets Trasparenze apart from many other ‘Italian-made’ brands is that it is entirely made in Italy. Anyone can, legally, pop a ‘made in Italy’ label onto a product that’s simply finished there, but Trasparenze hosiery really is created from start to finish in the small, Northern-Italy town of Castel Goffredo. In fact, it was even one of the founding members of Traceability & Fashion, a certification funded by Italy’s Chambers of Commerce that increases transparency for customers by verifying that a product has truly been made within the country.

Trasparenze Sara Stockings


Trasparenze Cortina Strip Pantyhose


Trasparenze hosiery starts its life at the brand’s plant as simple yarn, which is knitted into pantyhose, stockings or hold ups before also being seamed, dyed, boarded (steamed into shape), and finally packaged up on the site. There are multiple quality control checks throughout the process, to ensure a perfect finish.

As Trasparenze themselves put it, their goal is to “preserve the uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship”, and their more basic styles are the perfect way to indulge in a little dash of luxury on a daily basis. The sheer Marika pantyhose for example, available in both black and shades of nude, are a wardrobe staple that fit like a glove thanks to three-dimensional elasticity. While the Sophie pantyhose, available in a plethora of vibrant colours, offer dreamy microfiber comfort with added fun factor for your weekend outings.

Trasparenze Sophie Pantyhose


Trasparenze Melani Hold Ups


Trasparenze is also known for often going outside of the nylon box to incorporate natural fibers into some of their products. The Melani hold ups and Trasimede hold ups, for example, are both over 50% cotton which makes them especially ideal for people with sensitive skin, but also just for anyone who values breathability from their legwear.

However, it’s their fancier styles where the brand’s individuality really shines. They design, in their words, “not only classic items, but also special ones”, with two fashion collections launched per year that are constantly pushing the envelope and ushering in new hosiery trends. The sparkling lurex and double-fishnet weave of the Buttercup pantyhose are a Tightly Knit favourite for sure!

Trasparenze Buttercup Pantyhose


Trasparenze Pennac Hold Ups


And on top of all of this, Trasparenze is both an eco-conscious and health-conscious company. All chemicals used in the production of their hosiery, as well as the processes themselves, have been certified by Italy’s Textile and Health association as safe for humans, and Trasparenze also requires the same of its suppliers. Plus it has installed two solar parks on its premises to generate its power, which has reduced its carbon footprint by a huge 250,000+ kg of carbon dioxide per year.

Looking at all of this together, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Trasparenze is a luxury brand with a price point to match. But you’d be surprised. It’s definitely not that expensive! Our current Trasparenze collection starts from just $10.99 CAD, making this one of our very favourite brands in terms of value for money. So if you have yet to discover the superior quality of Italian-made hosiery for yourself, there’s really nothing to stop you… This may well become your new go-to brand!

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